Marc has been involved in Climate Activism for a long time and would love to show you how to run faster than climate change by being an impactful and exponential human being. One of the first to be trained by Al Gore as a Climate Speaker he has made getting through the Climate Crisis towards Resilient Desirable Futures his life’s work.

As an Official UN SDG Advocate, UN Resilient Futurist, Member of the Expert Network for the World Economic Forum for Innovation, Climate Change, Agriculture, Food, and Beverages,Global Food Reformist, and Sustainable Futurist, Marc’s passions lie in social innovation, systems thinking, and dynamic modeling to solve our global grand challenges.

Marc is on a mission to empower billions of global citizens to live an adaptive lifestyle of health and sustainability within planetary boundaries.

His aim is to reform the agriculture, food and beverage industry with impactful projects and moonshot companies. For example, he teaches and speaks worldwide on climate change and food reform. Marc has also taught entrepreneurs how to build and grow resilient, sustainable, and profitable businesses.

The most prominent examples are ALOHAS Resilience Foundation, ANJA – Adaptive Nutrition Joint Achievements and the ALOHAS ECO-Center (, which he founded and where he serves as Chief Executive Officer. The ALOHAS ECO-Center is a sustainable food and beverage production company that creates renewable energy and resources without fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions, or waste. As an expert on sustainable development, Marc consults for companies in their renewable transition with specialization in innovative systems, recycling, packaging, and organic, raw, and vegan products.

As a Social Serial Entrepreneur, he has been involved in many companies as well as several international family businesses: indeed he comes from six generations of Germany’s largest organic farmers and four generations of European Hydroponic Agronomists.

Marc is also a Visionary for Global Citizen social movement to end extreme poverty. The Germany and Austria Country Coordinator for Al Gores Climate Reality Project and an international speaker on the climate crisis. Delegate at EAT Stockholm Food Forum. Party Delegate and speaker at UNFCCC COP events. An ambassador for Future Food Institute. Committee member for Environment and Innovation for the Italian Federation of Human Rights FIDU – Federazione Italiana Diritti Umani. Faculty member of Berlin School for Sustainable Futures, Futur/IO Institute, Researcher with Future Earth, and ResearchGate.

Marc is a Systems Thinker and Dynamic Systems Modeler with a deep understanding of the Exponential Function, Science, and Maths. He is a Blue Economy developer who graduated Summa Cum Laude and has completed degrees at the following institutions: United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UNSDSN), SDG AcademyX, edX, MIT, Singularity University, Bucerius Law School, Heidelberg University, University of Utah, University of Phoenix, Red Rocks Community College and Salt Lake Community College in LL.M. International Law and MLB, Global Solutions Program, Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, and Agronomy.